Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio

From birth, my childhood memories have always included this trio — my brothers and me. My oldest brother remembers life as a spoiled only child and then as a big brother. My middle brother remembers being a coddled youngest child and then being pushed into the roles of both older and younger brother.
three kids wearing Dashikis
But me, I’ve only ever known our roles as they stand now. Always the power of three.
Three is the magic number at The Daily Post.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Victory

My great grandmother had lived in a rural part of Barbados where the roads, if there are roads, are typically narrow, unmarked and sometimes only partially paved. I’d been all around the island mostly by coast, but not into the deep, deep center where sugar cane and other crops are tall and plentiful. When I mentioned my desire to visit the countryside, the parish churches and cemeteries where my ancestors were affiliated, my cousins took us on an impromptu adventure. We got a little lost and the roads were a little hairy, but victory was ours when got to see quite a bit of St. Thomas and St. George parishes.
St. George Parish Church entry

It’s a win-win all over The Daily Post.