Day 30: A song from a band/artist you’d turn gay (or straight if you’re gay!) for

Well this is something I’d never given any thought to before.

I almost picked Rihanna. After all I’m a fan of Swarovski crystals — actually crystal stones in general — an she wore the heck out of that 1920s flapper-style Swarovski crystal gown. We share the same Bajan roots and I like several of her songs. But lovely only goes so far. She doesn’t seem very interesting. So I went with M.I.A., who does. This is a woman who performed at the Grammys while nine months pregnant and then gave birth three days later. Swagga indeed.

Bad Girls by M.I.A.

From A Better 30 Day Music Challenge

Day 29: A song so obscure it leaves music geeks scratching their heads to place it

I’m not a person who listens to a lot of underground music or discovers indie bands before others do. I wish I was that cool. It was only because I already listen to Korean popular music that I heard Gangnam Style long before America was even aware of Psy and learned he was already famous — not just some guy on YouTube. Oh wait, some people still don’t know.

So I doubt this song is that obscure, but I never heard of the group, still don’t know anything about them but I love this song. It’s mellow enough to chill to and musical enough to dance to.

Out of Reach by Cities of Foam

From A Better 30 Day Music Challenge