Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity

custom shoemaker

Leather sandals

A fabulous craftsman, proud of his work, always fine-tuning his wares; Mr. Thomas makes custom leather shoes. He and my grandfather share the same homeland. Both left home to make lives in other locations; Grandpa came to the United States and Mr. Thomas moved to Barbados.

Immigrants often get a bad rap in the countries they move to. But usually they’re the hardest working people of all. As a nation built by immigrants — some forced, most voluntary — we seemed to have forgotten this. In many cases where immigrants don’t speak the native language no matter what their previous professions — lawyer or doctor — they become laborers or work restaurant and retail jobs in their new homeland. Jobs that require a lot of long hours and physical strength.

Mr. Thomas and I shared another interesting connection. My Bajan great-grandfather’s family profession was making shoes. No one in my family does this kind of work anymore, but it’s as if, he has filled the gap left by them.

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What’s in the white box?!

popcornOkay fanboys and girls. Get your popcorn ready; Apple’s about to put on a show.


Where to watch or listen to it. Then watch as your money and credit cards leave your wallet to head straight for the nearest Apple Store — on your phone, iPad, desktop or storefront in the real world, and hand themselves over in exchange for the newest magical gadget.