Book Cover Art: Weekly Photo Challenge:


cover art for a fake book

Tattooed in My Heart is the love story of a plain, almost raggedy woman with a passion for life and a gorgeous but quiet man who creates tattoos for a living. In a world of pretty young students, bikers, and military men, with all the usual and a few unusual twists and turns of romance, will they have a happy ending?

Known for her whimsical and unique romance novels, Gabriella Austen goes a bit deeper this time to dig into the question which love last longer — a stamped imprint or a tattooed one?

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art

carved pumpkin vomiting guacamole onto blue corn chips

The metal band Pumkinhead’s new CD, Drunk on PSL, is filled with songs raging about the hipster, brunch crowd who permanently have a Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Latte attached to their palms every weekday. Just in time for Halloween, Pumpkinhead vomits out a diatribe worthy of the masterful guitar licks shredder Johnny P lays down. This is my album cover art for the CD.

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