Nighttime in the City

Enjoying the city lights at night is a favorite habit.

lighted steeple


Atlanta city lights


Chicago at night

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

If left to my own body clock, I’d wake late and stay up even later. Nighttime is my natural rhythm. I’ve always like something about the quiet at night and the equally fascinating and scary things that night can bring. Some of my favorite characters are night creatures — vampires, Batman — and interesting stories tend to happen at night. I’ve often talked about how much being near large bodies of water rejuvenates me. I gain a bit of peace and feel introspective. When it gets dark and the tide gets a bit rougher, the water closer and the quiet allows the ocean or the sea to sound louder, I think.

When I’m safely looking out the backyard aka the beach toward the pitch blackness where the ocean lies, I wonder about those first people who looked out into that same pitch blackness and thought, “I’d like to go out there and see what I find.” I wonder about that type of person. I look into that pitch blackness and it is scary. I think about getting lost, with no one able to find me.

beach at night

When I look either left or right along the shoreline, I’m comforted when I see the lights of the closest peninsula. There are other people. There is light.

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